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VALDINOCI LUIGI SPA takes the privacy of its customers seriously and is committed to protecting the confidentiality of the personal data of users on its website. This privacy policy outlines the personal and non-personal data processing activities conducted by VALDINOCI LUIGI SPA via our website (Website) and the relating commitments undertaken in this respect by the company. VALDINOCI LUIGI SPA may process the personal information of users when they visit the Website and use the services and features present on the Website. Where required by EU Regulation  2016/679, we will ask for the user’s consent before processing personal data. If the user provides third-party personal data, he or she is responsible for ensuring that the communication of data to VALDINOCI LUIGI SPA and the subsequent processing of this data for the purposes specified in the relevant privacy policy conforms to EU Regulation 2016/679 and any other applicable legislation.

1 - Data controller

The Data Controller is VALDINOCI LUIGI SPA with registered office in Via ANTICO ACQUEDOTTO, 19, 47122 Forlì (FC) Italy; VAT number IT02347180404, legally represented by Manuela Valdinoci; phone number: + 39 0543 720 909, e-mail address:

2 - Intended purpose and use of collected data

User data is collected to allow the Data Controller to provide the company’s services to its customers, as well as for the following purposes:

Address management and to respond to requests
The personal data provided by you, the user, by filling in forms on our "Contact" pages will be used exclusively to respond to your requests.
Personal data collected: name, e-mail address, company, telephone number

Statistics (chapter 4)

Displaying content from external platforms (chapter 4)

3 - Cookies

As is customary on all websites, this Website uses cookies, which are small text files that allow us to store information about a visitor's preferences, to improve site functionality, to simplify browsing by automating procedures (e.g. Login, language of site) and to analyse how the Website is used.
Session cookies are essential in order to distinguish between connected users, and they are useful to prevent the possibility of a requested feature being provided to the wrong user, as well as for security purposes to prevent cyber attacks on the Website. Session cookies do not contain personal data and remain active only for the duration of the user’s activity on the Website, that is, until the browser has been closed. User consent is not required for session cookies. Functionality cookies used by the website are strictly necessary for the use of the site, in particular, they are linked to specific features requested by the user (such as Login), and for which no user consent is required.

By using this Website the visitor expressly consents to the use of cookies.

4 - Third-party cookies

This Website also acts as an intermediary for third-party cookies, used in order to be able to provide more services and features to visitors and to improve the usability of the site itself, such as buttons for social networks. The present privacy policy does not apply to services provided by third parties, and this Website has no control over their cookies, which are entirely managed by these third parties. The data transfer agreement takes place directly between the user/visitor and such third parties, for which the consent procedure for the aforementioned cookies are, of course, the responsibility of those third parties, while this website does not participate in any way in this data transfer. As a result, information on the use of such cookies and the purposes thereof, as well as on the ways they can be disabled, is provided by the relevant third parties themselves, listed on the following pages.

This site uses the Google Analytics service to monitor visits: the cookies generated by this service are technical cookies and they collect data in an aggregate form on access to the pages that make up this Website. The IP addresses of visitors are anonymised and, in any case, the data collected are not used to create user profiles and/or to send you targeted advertising.

Privacy Policy -

Displaying content from external platforms.
These services make it possible to display content hosted on external platforms directly from the pages of this application and to interact with them. In cases where this type of service is installed, it is possible that, even if users do not use the service, it may collect traffic data on the pages on which it is installed.

Google Fonts (Google Inc.)
Google Fonts is a character styles viewing service run by Google Inc. which allows this application to integrate this content into its pages.
Personal data collected: Cookies and Usage data.
Privacy Policy -

Google Maps Widget (Google Inc.)
Google Maps is a map viewing service run by Google Inc. which allows this application to integrate this content into its pages.
Personal data collected: Cookies and Usage data.
Privacy Policy -

The site may contain links to other sites (so-called third-party sites). VALDINOCI LUIGI SPA does not carry out any access to or control over cookies, web beacons and other technologies to track users that could be used by third-party sites which may be accessed by the user from the Website; VALDINOCI LUIGI SPA exercises no control over the content and materials published by or obtained through third-party websites, nor on how these sites treat personal data, and expressly disclaims any and all responsibility related to such an eventuality.

5 - Consent management

To personalize the management of your consent preferences, we provide this LINK to allow you to manage your cookie choices, or opt out of consent of all cookies, with just a simple click. Simply activate or deactivate the purposes for which you give consent and then click “Save my preferences” to save your choices. All partners of Titolare are committed to respecting your choices.

6 - Disabling cookies

Cookies are linked to the browser you use and THEY CAN BE DISABLED DIRECTLY FROM THE BROWSER itself, thus refusing/withdrawing consent to the use of cookies. Please note that disabling cookies may prevent you from correctly using some features of the Website.

Instructions on how to disable cookies can be found on the following web pages:

Mozilla Firefox
Windows Internet Explorer
Google Chrome
Apple Safari

7 - Method of data processing

The processing of data, for the purposes expressed in point 2 above, is conducted with the aid of computerized or telecommunications tools, and this is carried out by the Data Collector and by individuals who have been expressly authorized by the Data Collector. This consists of data collection, and the registration, organization, conservation, processing, modification, use and deletion of the same.

8 - Data dissemination

Your data will not be disclosed or disseminated; it will be used exclusively by employees of VALDINOCI LUIGI SPA, who are subject to the strictest confidentiality and who have been trained in the necessary procedures and guidelines for the proper handling of personal data. The data may be transferred to third parties, which have been selected to carry out specific assignments or perform services on behalf of VALDINOCI LUIGI SPA, in order that the latter may conduct its business activities. In this case, the aforementioned third parties are prohibited to disseminate said data.

9 - Data transfer

This site may share some of the data collected with localized services outside the area of the European Union. This transfer is authorized under specific decisions made by the European Union and the Italian Data Protection Authority in relation to the protection of personal data transfer-of-data-towards-the-third, and therefore, no additional consent is required.

10 - Data retention period

VALDINOCI LUIGI SPA will process data for the entire period of time that the service is to be provided. Upon termination of the service provided, VALDINOCI LUIGI SPA will keep collected user data for a period of 10 years in order to fulfil legal obligations.

11 - Voluntary nature of provision of data

Disclosure of your data is optional, however, failure to provide data may make it impossible for the activities referred to in point 2 above to be carried out, and therefore make it impossible to satisfy your requests.

12 - Rights of the data subject

With regard to the processing of your personal data, you, the user, have the right, at any time, to obtain confirmation of the existence, or lack thereof, of data collected and held by VALDINOCI LUIGI SPA so as to request corrections, erasure or restriction of the same; you have the right to object to the processing of your personal data; and you have the right to withdraw consent to said processing, without prejudice to the lawfulness of such processing based on the consent obtained prior to its withdrawal.

These rights may be exercised by means of simple written communication to VALDINOCI LUIGI SPA at one of the following: via certified e-mail (PEC) to, or by post to Via ANTICO ACQUEDOTTO, 19 47122 Forlì (FC).

This policy was updated on 17/01/2022