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General conditions
All information contained within this website may be updated, changed, deleted at any time without prior notice.
Although the site is protected by updated programs and suitable for protection from computer viruses, Valdinoci Luigi S.p.A. can not guarantee users against them, and is not liable for any damage suffered as a result of them.

Manuals and technical data
Before performing maintenance or repairs, carefully read the user and maintenance manual with special attention to the safety rules and precautions for use.
The documentation available on the site still has to be considered as indicative information and can not replace the professionalism and expertise that every operator must possess in order to properly assess the operational risks and implement the diagnostic and repair methods.
Valdinoci Luigi S.p.A. does not accept responsibility for any damage to people or things caused by failure to follow instructions given in the manuals, as well as caused by errors or omissions contained in the documentation and technical information available in this site.
Users carrying out maintenance or repair must make sure that the spare parts are original and they are chosen as specified in the manual and also must use suitable instruments to carry out the repair.
The documentation available in this site covers the models currently in production. These may have undergone substantial changes from the time the model was purchased by the customer.
Valdinoci Luigi S.p.A. reserves the right to modify at any time and without notice the technical information contained in the online documentation, or product specifications, components and composition.

For any disputes that may arise in connection with the access and use of this site and the information contained in it the jurisdiction is that of Forlì, Italy.